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the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire. and the other man on the spot today, the speaker of the house. >> i think the situation that we face is pretty urgent. as a matter of fact, i think i would describe it as dire. bad news could be good news for the president's challengers. >> this election is about jobs and the economy, clearly. and the british tabloid scandal is now a political scandal. and a growing one. prime minister david cameron's former top aide is arrested. and scot lapd yard is now investigating another british tabloid. >> good day i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. well, the jobs we begin with that surprisingly dismal jobs report along with the rising unemployment rate, private sector jean-bertrand growth has essentially come to a stand still. cnbc senior economics reporter. steve, just what is your take
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away from these numbers today? >> it was a terrible, terrible report with absolutely no silver lining that anybody could see. one economist used three words to describe the report, he said it was weak, weak and weak. another used two words they were unmitigated disaster. let me just give you some of the numbers. the 18,000 payroll numbers was -- they were expecting 125,000, what was worse, andrea, was they revised back the prior two month and got rid of 100 job in addition to that. part of what's going on is declines in the government workforce at the state and local level something like 39,000 government jobs were lost in the month of june and 48,000 the month before that. >> given those revisions is that a hiccup or the possibility of a double dip? >> well, i think most economists still hold out hope, andrea, that we have the greece
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disaster, we had bad weather, the effects of the tsunami in japan hitting the u.s. economy, that those four things combined to create a dip in economic activity in may and june, but that we get a rebound in the coming months, july and august. but if we don't get a rebound by then, i'm sure there's going to be much more concern about a double dip recession beginning in late summer, early fall. >> we're going to be talking to senator mark warner in a moment about the political impact of that on the debt talks. what is the economic impact -- not move ahead with a big deal maybe triggered in or staged later? >> i heard what the president said. i don't think business itself is bothered by the debt ceiling deal or no deal. i think what they may be bothered by is the uncertainty surrounding future tax regime that's going to be required to deal with these deficits.
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however, factoring into the negotiations what maybe somewhat helpful to the president in a slew of numbers that by and large are totally unhelpful is we're seeing the near term effects of cutting back in government spending. it cost jobs. not just in the government sector, but also in knock on private sector jobs as well. >> steve liesman with all the numbers and what that mean. thank you so much. good to see you, steve. republicans using the bad jobs report to scuttle any new taxes in a budget deal. joining me now virginia democratic senator mark warner a key member of the so-called gang of slight, slightly shrunk to five. still hoping senators working for months on ways to reduce the deficit. your quick reaction to the jobs report first and how it will effect the negotiations to come. >> there's no way to say the jobs report was anything but awful. the hope is that it will actually spur both sides to
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recognize a big deal that would put north of $4 trillion in debt reduction that would be played out over ten years. that would go ahead and ratchet down some of our tax cuts. get rid of some of the exceptions. take on entitlements and take on defense spending in other areas actually makes sense. i would candidly disagree with steve. i think there is a great deal of uncertainty in the business community. maybe in terms of are we financially going to get our act together. i do think it would be confidence building not only to the business community but to consumers to see the political operation of our countries work together and get something significant done. >> senator, do you think that this makes it more or less possible to get it done in that there could be a very good argument that you don't further slow the country down right now when the recovery is stalled. what about factoring it in, stretching it out, putting together some sort of a package that phases in over the next
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couple of years? so couldn't you stretch it out beyond the decade? >> i think there is -- there are definite ways that you can phase in as long as there are real -- you know, caps that are going to be enforced. one of the things that we worked with my republican colleagues on is making sure if we were to go ahead and reform the tax code that raised more revenues that the caps stay in place. there are ways that we worked through, again, i'm the eternal optimist. i hope the so-called gang of six can still throw ideas into the mix. i think that would give us a little more flexibility on this. the thing we've got to remember is we've yuszed traditional government tools. we've mused monetary policy to lower interest rates. we've used government stimulus to try to generate activity. the last bullet is that north of $2 trillion that's sitting on the sidelines on corporate balance sheets. we need to get that off the sidelines invest it back into our country. i do think a long-term deal
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phased in the right way would give the confidence, get some of that capital back into hiring. >> what do you say to fellow democrats particularly in the house, but some in the senate as well who you know who say that there should not be any conversation about cuts in medicare and social security and were really upset about that leak from the white house that the president was considering putting that on the table? >> andrea, i think i would say we've got to preverve those protections for our seniors. but the numbers don't lie. the fact w
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>> it was a picture perfect launch for the space shuttle "atlantis." it was of course the last liftoff for the shut program. now the four-member crew will be docking with the international space station one final time. before returning home on july 20th. nbc's jay barbrey has covered nasa since 1988. congratulations to you, jay. there's no one better it's great to see you. >> you're very kind. we go a long way back together, andrea. you know it was a perfect launch today. and everybody watched it go. there was not a finality. the finality will come at the end when "atlantis" lands here and it will become a museum piece here at the space center itself. now they may extend the flight an additional day and might turn
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out to be 13 days. the biggest question here today is what happens next? now nasa wants to take the existing hardware derived from shuttle and start flying a heavy lift vehicle. it has been voted on by both houses of congress. they have appropriated the money. the president has signed off on it. and also as i say, also nasa is all for it from the administrator on down. they want to do this, but there is a middle level bureaucrat named paul shawcross. he is i understand an omb, office of management and budget. you are in washington all the time. and nobody knows the washington machine better than andrea does. but i can't understand as someone sitting out here in the boondocks how can one bureaucrat hold up 6,000 jobs and the
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continuation of the space program? >> those are the budget deals. that's the power of omb and the power of the budget. jay, before that, i want to ask you about the memorable moments. there was great exhilaration, horrific tragedy as we know whachl do you take away from these 166 launches? >> from the 166 launches of course, the very first one with alan shepard and the first one with john glenn going go orbit and we'll never forget neil armstrong stepping on to the moon. those were very memorable as was the greatest time for nasa when they saved the apollo 13 flight. and shuttle challenger stands out. that's a time of recovery and of course columbia. but what shuttle did most, andrea, it built an international space station which is the brightest object in the sky next to the moon in the early evening and early mornings.
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it's up there and the human race is learning how to live in space. that's the principal gift of shuttle to the space program and to the planet. >> jay-brie, unique sense of history from you. i of course the challenger and columbia. i'll never forget as a little girl, godspeed john glenn. and godspeed jay barbrie. >> thank you so much. >> next hour, tamron hall broadcasting live from kennedy space center for a special edition of "news nation." among her guests bill nelson. and how does this morning's dismal job report change the debt ceiling negotiations? chairman of the white house council of economic advisors here with us joins us next on "andrea mitchell reports." [ male announcer ] this is larry...
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today's disappointing jobs report have some on wall street once again raising the prospect of a double dip recession. with me chairman of the white house council of economic advisors. let's talk about this. by any count, dismal, miserable, disappointing what's your adjective for this job's report? >> i thought the job's report is really a call to action in the sense that we've got a number of things that are bipartisan that are sitting there waiting to be passed and folks in washington are bickering about them. and if you get a report like this one, which is baking up what we learned starting last time that the growth rate has slowed down, we've got to get the growth rate up of the economy. if you don't get the growth rate up, we won't generate jobs. we've got to go back to the kind of growth rates that we had before the last two months when we added two million jobs or even faster than that.
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so let's pass those things that there's bipartisan agreement on. >> let's talk about something that there isn't bipartisan agreement on, that is the debt ceiling. some may argue, some from the house democratic side may argue that further budget cuts will only lead to more layoffs in the public sector which contributed to this jobs number, and that further tax increases republicans could say could lead to more uncertainty on the business side, the private sector. so can't this be a double edged argument against doing a deal? >> look, that's why i start with the first -- many things that we don't agree on. there are some big things that we could agree on. so we can pass the three free trade agreements sitting there. we could create the infrastructure bank which doesn't cost that much money from the government is about leveraging private sector money to try to get construction workers back into jobs. and reinvest in the infrastructure of the country. we could pass a patent reform.
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we can extend the payroll tax cut. all of those things are bipartisan in nature and important. we ought to do them right now. on the deficit and debt negotiation, i do think it's important we remove this wet blanket of uncertainty that is permeating the private sector where they don't know that the government -- that there are people actively advocating that the government declare it's not going to pay its bills. i think that is a very dangerous line of reasoning. we've got to reach some balanced bipartisan plan so that we're living within our means long-term, but that is not undermining the growth agenda of the country. >> austin some of those people who are advocating that are in your own party. we're hearing from that bernie sanders to some of the house republicans. i speak to -- rather the house democrats. i spoke to a lot of members of the democratic caucus last night in person face-to-face they are
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furious. they want nancy pelosi to take you all over the cliff with flags flying. what do you say to your own caucus? >> i'm just the economic policy guy. i'm not in the legislative negotiations. that's for the congressmen themselves. congress people themselves and the president. >> you know the parameters -- >> i'm not accusing anybody of either party. my point is if we get numbers like the ones we've seen, which reiterate how important it's going to be that we get the growth rate back up to what it was for the previous 15 months, so that we can add millions of jobs we need to stop with the bigering. there are a bunch of things that we could do right now that both parties agree on that would help us grow the economy. why don't we do them. >> let me ask you whether you think there's a risk of a double dip? >> well, look, i would say what we saw in this jobs report reiterates what we already knew and that is the economy was
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growing but the growth rate slowed rather significantly in the beginning part of this year because of these head winds. now the fed, the private forecasters, the office of management and budget, the cbo all of those groups are forecasting a rebound in the second half of the year. and previous to the last two months we had a more robust growth rate we had added two million jobs. those are not really what -- that's not a double dip. so i don't think that there is a double dip i think this is an indicator of that. >> finally, if there is no agreement and if the country could pass august 2nd and a day or two later or however long end up not being able to pay its bills, not being able to borrow money, what is your economic analysis of what the impact of that would be? >> my analysis is that's the last thing the economy needs right now. i mean, this jobs report and the
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last one should be calls to action that let's stop with the bickering. let's do at least those things that we can both agree on. to get to some point where the u.s. government's going to declare that it's going to selectively default or not pay its bills would be a very dark day in the history of the country. >> thank you very much. great to see you. >> great to see you again. >> thanks so much for joining us today. the hard sell. now leaders of both parties counting votes, twisting arms today. politico's mike allen joins us no with the politics of a debt deal. . time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. mark and jennifer were riding through france when they had a great meal and discovered it was due to a special salt that was used. they brought it back and sold it in their portland, oregon, store. word of mouth brought in customers and famous chefs and
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i have wanted all through this process to do what i would describe as the big deal. but at the end of the day, we've got to have a bill that peck pass through the house and the senate. this is a rubiks cube that we haven't quite worked out yet. >> indeed it is.
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speaker boehner and the president are trying to make the hard sell to their individual parties. arguing that a grand bargain on the debt needs to happen in days, not weeks, not months. can they bring enough reluctant members on board to get the deal done. mike allen joins me now. this has been a roller coaster already. we're heading into the weekend. my head counts are that there are a lot of very angry house democrats to say nothing of what's going on in the republican caucus with tea party pressure and the action on the senate side. i don't know what you're hearing? >> that's exactly right. we knew that speaker boehner had a tough sales job. now the president has an equally hard sales job now that he's trying to go for the papa bear deal. the biggest of the three options roughly $4 trillion over ten years. it's the president's view that there will be never be a deadline like this. that there will never be the political will like this.
1:25 pm
white house doing their homework. there's an emp tus. what's happening behind the scenes the two bosses speaker boehner and president obama have said let's do this. their thought bubble we know they think it's in each of their political interests to get it done. now the staff today, tomorrow are trying to work out the details so that the bosses can get back together again on sunday to work it out. the vibe i get from both ends of pennsylvania avenue is they're hopeful not necessarily optimistic. >> speaker pelosi of course was in with the ppt and vice president this morning. we're expecting to hear from her momentarily. everything's set for her news conference. you can see the live picture of the house gallery. we'll bring that to you when she comes in. mike, the terms of the back story here, there's a lot of anger. cantor versus boehner on the republican side. steny hoyer and nancy pelosi not in the same political spectrum on the democratic side.
1:26 pm
does pelosi now say to the ppt and vice president, look we can't do this, or does she say give me a little bit here and see if i can bring people along? >> it's more b than a. you can see that she's allowing for the possibility. she's going to go down fighting. you know that is her nature. she's been a lilt bit out of the loop. i think the president could have helped himself by bringing her in a little earlier. i think she was taken by surprise by the aggressiveness of the grand bargain that's being talked about, the possibility of making some changes down the road to medicare, social security and having her is very important. internal audience of the democratic caucus, but speaker pelosi, former speaker pelosi is a very important voice around the country to progressives. andrea, you know, progressives really rebel, liberals really rebelled furious when they first heard these leaks that the
1:27 pm
president was going ahead with his long stated plans reiterated in the state of the union to modernize, save, prolong entitlement programs. one of the most important progressive blogs, they said this was the last straw. that they were going to fight this and they compared president obama to george w. bush. >> those are fighting words indeed. mike allen chief white house correspondent. we're going to have a busy weekend. thanks for joining us. >> happy working weekend. >> let's go to nancy pelosi, the former speaker, democratic leader getting ready to speak today. >> we still have not seen one jobs bill come to the floor. this is obviously reflected in the jobs number this morning. we must -- we have put probably i don't know 20 job initiatives on the floor and the republicans have rejected every one of them.
1:28 pm
ten, votes on job creation measures and they voted no each time. some of those on more than one occasion. that's a really unfortunate. i'm so pleased that this morning the president talked about infrastructure. it's something that starting with the recovery package two and a half years ago that democrats have been pushing and now saying more needs to be done. the president referenced some bipartisan legislation to that end. i hope that our republican colleagues will consider that because people are crying out. they're literally crying out there for cries. i also want to point to some of the austerity measures that are real or imagined that may come from this -- are we calling it a grand bargain? >> perhaps a grand bargain the debt talks. and that we can't do harm with that.
1:29 pm
whatever cuts we need to make we have to do so in a way that does not harm our economic growth. you see what some of the austerity measures are already done in the laying off of public employees across the country. that will only get worse if we continue down a path that is insensitive to the impact of cost shifting to the states in order to reduce the federal budget. so whether it's authorizing job creation especially through infrastructure and infrastructure bank. whether it is how we budget sensitive to job creation, growth we all agree is essential to bringing revenue to the treasury. where do we stand on all of this? as you know, we had a meeting at the white house yesterday bipartisan, bicameral.
1:30 pm
we talked to sten about some level of optimism that emerged from that meeting to enable at least us to schedule there to be -- the president to schedule a meeting on sunday late in the day to see where we are on something that would have the elements of in their words grand bargain. i wish we could be thinking about a grand vision, but whatever you want to call it, how we go forward to not harm the economy, to reduce the deficit, to create jobs, to educate our children and to have a decent retirement for our seniors. the -- this morning i had the privilege of meeting with the president and the vice president on this subject so that we have a clear understanding as the president has met with all of the leaders, a clear understanding of what our terms of how we go forward and some of this will come forward on sunday
1:31 pm
evening. but the questions that i have relate to the baseline, the length of time, the firewalls some of the technicalities of the discussions so that we're not changing the rules in the middle of the discussion. and so with that, i just came and my apologies for even running later than late from the usually lively discussion in our caucus where our members were very definite. let me say their enthusiasm was such that many of them stayed around after votes to participate in this caucus. almost unheard of. but they did on a friday afternoon. and they're as firm as ever on what i have been saying which is we want to of course, reduce the deficit as we grow the economy. we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidize tax cuts
1:32 pm
for the rich on the backs of america's seniors and working families. no benefit cuts in medicare and social security and we have serious concerns also about the whab is happening with medicaid as well. so though i think that talking it through and people understanding more about what the possibilities are is -- has been constructive. i'm still optimistic that we can find a place where we can come together. i don't like to have a situation where we're saying you need our vote so you need to have this in the bill. no this is a big deal. this is ten years. it's a ten-year bill. and we want to work together to have something that has bipartisanship that has balance, consensus broader than enough democrat votes to put something
1:33 pm
over the top that most people don't want to vote for. there has to be reflective of our values. teb years in a budget makes a very serious imprint on the future. the decisions that will be made in the next few days up until august 2nd will determine what the future will look like depending on decisions that we make about again, taking it to a higher plain of the dignity of the retirement of our seniors, the opportunity for jobs for our working families, the education of our children as we reduce the deficit. yes, sir. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi the former speaker indicating that she did let the democratic caucus vent a bit, but not saying anything else. saying that she's optimistic, but laying the bottom line that they do not want to see benefit cuts on these entitlements. that doesn't mean no changes in
1:34 pm
entitlements. republican california congressman ed royce serves on the financial services committee and joys me now. you heard speaker pelosi. those were not fighting words. she did not come out of that caucus the way i heard a lot of democrats who were yelling and screaming about what the president had suggested at the table. it seems to me that there is a little bit of movement here. >> i think there's a little bit of movement. i think there's recognition with the higher unemployment today. 9.2%. i think the anticipation was 18,000 new -- 80,000 new jobs. instead we got 18,000. there's the realization that the sheer weight of this debt is such a lug on the economy. it's such an anchor that members are beginning to understand that we've got to do something to tackle it and we need that grand bargain. we need really andrea to ratchet this thing down with a clear path. i would say $4 trillion would really bring a lot of reassurance back into the market. a lot of certainty. and probably a lot more
1:35 pm
investment and job creation in the u.s. right now. >> to get to $4 trillion you have to have some changes in the tax law. you know that. how does the speaker bring along his wing. you've got people like michele bachmann on the campaign trail putting up an ad in iowa saying i will not vote for debt ceiling no matter what is in it. she's ruling out a vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling even if it had unlimited budget cuts in it. you're not going to be able to deal with that kind of tea party caucus? >> i think the point is speaker is making is that there's going to be more in deficit reduction than in this arrangement than increase the debt limit for. it's a net plus in terms of debt reduction. you get the $4 trillion debt reduction if we get this deal done. second, you and i know we think about the ethanol subsidies, some other subsidies. there's a good number of subsidies. there's a win-win. one of the ideas that's been
1:36 pm
floated is bring down the corporate tax rate which is the highest in the world in terms of industrialized nations. we're at 35, 25 in europe. if we brought that down to 26.4%, but helped pay for it on paper by closing these loopholes we're told by economists 3/4 of a trillion additional dollars and economic growth come into the rshry. there's a way to simultaneously close down the loopholes, bring down the corporate tax rate, bring the revenues in the treasury up as a consequence of this and create economic growth and more jobs which further get us out of the economic doldrums. i think that probably will be part of this package as it moves forward. >> congressman, at this stage what happens next? what happens in the next 24 hours as you all prepare for the next meeting at the white house? >> well, i think there's some hard negotiations right now as we get closer to august 2nd,
1:37 pm
obviously the clock ticks. but at the same time i think probably treasury leans in a little bit with the administration. you've heard from the chairman of the joint chiefs what he's had to say about that. he said the number one national security threat to the united states right now is what, our debt. the size of our debt. so, you're going to have a great deal of pressure bringing to bear on the white house and congressional leaders to get this deal done. i think the overall format of it, i've already suggested in terms of a lower corporate tax rate, but closing corporate loopholes combined with entitlement reform. it has to happen. long-term these programs are going to go, you know, they're going to go bust if we don't make adjustments to them. now's the time to do it. now's the time to make those tough decisions because it re-assures the markets and thus creates the certainty which brings investment and employment and so -- i think this deal gets
1:38 pm
done. i do think when you're talking about what's next, we're going to see a lot of chest beating. we're going to see a lot of -- those who have made their career in politics by bringing entitlement upon entitlement into the system are going to have a very tough time with ratcheting down and making entitlement reform. we can't ratchet only one way. the ratchet can't only go to the left. at some point it has to come down when you're borrowing 40 cents of every dollar you spend, that's the point where you've got to cut spending that's where we are today. >> we have to leave it there. thanks so much. a busy weekend. and republican candidates for president already jumping all over the bad jobs numbers. here's michele bachmann earlier today. >> the president's own economists told us recently that the government spent approximately $270,000 per job created and we have nothing to show for it. we're not in a good situation. clearly the president's policies
1:39 pm
are a failure. the stimulus has failed. >> bloomberg's jean cummings joins us. i don't know if you were able to hear both nancy pelosi and ed royce. it seems to me there is at least the possibility that the middle will come together. . >> i think that is the sense that you get in washington. earlier this week when we were talking with david pluf you were there and he knew. he was asked, you're raising expectations that something will come together. and he wouldn't back off. i think if erg was hear from white house aides and even from the hill the top republicans on the hill is they want a deal. if they want a deal, they can make one happen. >> mitt romney of course issued a statement on the jobs report. he said today's abysmal jobs report confirms what we all know that president obama has failed to get this economy moving again with their cavalier attitude
1:40 pm
about the economy. he's been acting quite the front runner mitt romney taking the risk of going overseas, that's not always popular with americans. going to london this week actually you can see him coming out of downing street. he met with the prime minister yesterday at downing street. that shows that he seems to be a little bit confident as we went on this fundraising trip to the uk. >> absolutely. it's very unusual, although not unheard of for presidential candidates to go overseas to raise money. the political risks are obvious. where they could face accusations that they were taking foreign money. that sort of thing. so he -- on the other hand, candidates like to show that they've got -- they can play on on the international stage. i think romney wanted to show a little bit of that leg, too, to give him another credential when he gets out on the campaign trail. >> jean cumming from bloomberg news. great to see you.
1:41 pm
>> thank you. on sunday nbc's "meet the press" continues the meet the candidate series. republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty will be david greggy's guest. that's this sunday. check your local listings. and just when we thought that the political fallout from the british tabloid hacking uk phone scandal couldn't get any worse, it did. stay tuned. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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i'm tom ran tamron hall. we have a special edition of "news nation" from kennedy space center where "atlantis" soared into history on the final shuttle flight this morning. i'll get reaction on this historic day from astronauts and the first african-american woman in space. plus, i'll talk with florida senator and former astronaut bill nelson about the politics of nasa. and florida a key state as you
1:45 pm
well know for president obama. and what impact will the nasa layoffs after the shuttle program has ended will this have on president obama's re-election plans? all of that and more in just 15 minutes. british police have now searched a second tabloid newsroom for information in the ongoing hacking scandal that shut down the news of the world yesterday. the scandal has even reached the desk of the prime minister. david cameron's former spokesperson and one time news of the world editor andy couldson was arrested for conspireing to interpret communications. cameron responded to the scandal earlier today. >> the truth is to coin a phrase, we've all been in this together, the prison, politicians and leaders of all parties, yes, including me. party leaders were so keen to win the support of newspapers we turned a blind eye to the need to sort this issue. to get on top of the bad practices, to change the way our newspapers are regulated.
1:46 pm
>> we're in london. michelle, some extraordinary scandal. this is not just a media scandal, this is a political scandal. we're talking about prime ministers from both parties and we're talk about rupert murdoch. let's put it out there. it's the power of murdoch and his endorsements that was driving a lot of their applications to him. >> absolutely. and all of the connections that you see here. we know that the editor of news of the world is close to david cameron. he later hired the person who resigned at the time that other people served time in prison for hacking back in 2007. the prime minister just couldn't get away from those questions today. he really wanted to put on this strong show for the public. not to say that it wasn't sincere. he was going on and on saying we won't rest until we get to the bottom of this. this time we're going to make this right. we will not let this go.
1:47 pm
but every question he got from the press was wait a second, when you hired this guy who used to do the news of the world, why didn't you ask those questions? what did you know that he knew and maybe when he knew it? it's gotten to be a political issue and a police issue. granted now that it's come out over the last couple of days that there could have been thousands of citizens potential hacking victims including families of victims of murder, families of the victims of terrorist attacks of soldiers killed in battle. now the questions have expanded and are also going to be included in the investigations of what other newspapers might have been doing this. why did past police investigations fail abysmally many the words of the prime minister. and why were police allegedly taking huge payments from journalists? >> big questions and murdoch is certainly the big figure in all of this. thank you so much. >> and new york yankees' slugger
1:48 pm
derek jeter about to join an exclusive club. only 27 major league players have ever reached 3,000 career hits. he got a little bit closer two hit ways from becoming the first player to reach that milestone as the yankee. if you ned another bullet point on his resume, there's henry kissen jer out there. who had the worst week in washington? not derek jeter. he had a great week. that's next on "andrea mitchell my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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so, who had the worst week in washington? well, the week is not over and msnbc contributor and managing editor of chris cillizza joins us, and wait until the first of the week with the budget talks, but we are talking about the republican candidates, because they had
1:52 pm
problems producing dollars on the scoreboard. >> well, andrea, i work on monday to friday week, and we will have to work on the weekend. >> and you call yourself a journalist. >> and from monday to friday at least. look, if you add up what the republican candidates have raised, and including michele bachmann and we don't know what she will bring, but let's call it $40 million total and barack obama's will raise as much as $60 or $80, so you are talking about a huge fund-raising disparity, and we know that the economy is slow, but it speaks to the fact that lots of big e donors are sitting on the hands or the wallets is probably more accurate, and they are not thrilled with the field. so a little worrisome if you are a republican wanting to unseat obama. >> well, speaking of republicans trying to unseat president obama, this is another possible candidate for your category, tim pawlenty in iowa trying to show he's cool. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> what is your favorite lady
1:53 pm
gaga song? >> "glory." >> "paparazzi." >> what about "born this way" and even though she is unusual "born this way" has some appeal on it. >> and so, let's assume that tim pawlenty does not know what "brn this way" is all about, was bbe it does not fit his message. >> and it is not a winning message for the republican electorate, but tim pawlenty is trying everything he can to be the average guy, and the regular guy, but it is just at least to date not working all that way, and the same trip to iowa he basically said i have been in more fights than any of the other candidates, and he was talking about hockey, but still. >> let's show you one last sad fact talking about worse weeks, and this is chet, and we have named the elmp tree chet, but the tree that is no more. the tree that we all stood in front of us for all of those dekids on the white house lawn, a victim of last week's storms.
1:54 pm
>> and andrea, including you stood in front of that tree, did you not? >> indeed. oh, my gosh, yes. we are talking about a long range of correspondents standing in front of that tree. oh, good grief. at least show some of my colleagues. >> upall of the greats were the. >> and brian williams and david gregory and chuck todd of course and tom brokaw and a long list of the white house correspondents. so, for the sake of my trip, that tree is gone. and thank you, chris cillizza, and remember to follow the show online and on twitter at mitchell reports. my colleague tamron hall is live at kennedy space center in florida and with a look at what is next with a special coverage of "newsnation." great coverage down there, tamron. hi. >> and great yellow suit in that picture, but i like you better showing off the guns. they look great. thank you, andrea. >> have a good weekend. >> thank you, honey.
1:55 pm
we will have an update on the space crew "atlantis" and where they are now. and update from the deputy administrator. and plus, what is expected for thu saousands of people who expected to lose their jobs, and we will talk about how what happens in florida will affect the presidential election. and i will talk to ezra klein about the impact of jobs on the president and the hopes of re-election. "newsnation" is moments away. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪
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1:59 pm
an emotional and breath-taking moment at the kennedy space center and our nation as the space shuttle "atlantis blasts off for the last time and brings nasa's space shuttle mission to an end. i'm tamron hall live at the kennedy space center in florida where the "newsnation" is not only following this historic launch of "atlantis, but the impact of the final flight will have on nasa and the community that has been built around this space program. more than 9,000 jobs are expected to be lost in florida, and those numbers are unsettling, especially with the big news on the nation's economy and the number of americans right now out of work. the numbers were extremely disappointing for the second month in a row. take a look. the nation's unemployment rate ticked up to 9.2% which is the highest rate by the way since last december, and employers added only 18,000 jobs in june. the president addressed the new nu numbers a few hours after they were released citing the debate over the rising debt limit. >> the
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